Can You Recycle Plastic Dog Food Bags (And How)

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Yellow plastic dog food with a symbol on the top right indicating it is not recyclable

You can not recycle plastic dog food bags in the majority of cases. Since they are made using a combination of different materials, isolating the plastic during the recycling process is challenging. Your best alternative is to find a specialized recycling program.

Disposal Method: Garbage Bin
Plastic Types (#): LDPE #4, PP #5

Please note: Recycling guidelines may vary depending on local regulations and facilities. The information provided here is intended as a general guide and may not apply to your specific location or item. Always check with your local recycling center or municipal authority for the most accurate and up-to-date recycling information in your area.

Typical RIC Symbols Used

Showing the LDPE Plastic recycling symbol RIC #4 used in plastic dog food bags
Showing the PP Plastic recycling symbol RIC #5 used in plastic dog food bags

Where To Recycle

Use Recycling Locators: Locate Dog Food Bag specialized recycling programs near you using RecycleNation & Earth911 (US) or RecycleNow (UK). Search based on the RIC symbol and the item name.