Can You Recycle Plastic Mattress Bags (And How)

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Plastic mattress bags with a symbol on the top right indicating it is not recyclable

You can not recycle plastic mattress bags through conventional curbside recycling. Although they are made of totally recyclable polyethylene (HDPE or LDPE), they fall under the “Plastic Film” category, which is extremely hard to process. Throw it in the garbage or use a specialized recycling program.

Disposal Method: Garbage Bin
Plastic Types (#): LDPE #4,HDPE #2

Please note: Recycling guidelines may vary depending on local regulations and facilities. The information provided here is intended as a general guide and may not apply to your specific location or item. Always check with your local recycling center or municipal authority for the most accurate and up-to-date recycling information in your area.

Typical RIC Symbols Used

Showing the LDPE Plastic recycling symbol RIC #4 commonly used in plastic mattress bags.

The plastic resin LDPE #4 is often used to make Mattress Bags and is recyclable, just not in that form.

Showing the HDPE Plastic recycling symbol RIC #2 commonly used in plastic mattress bags.

The #2 HDPE is a more rigid form of LDPE. The same applies to this plastic resin.

Where To Recycle

Use Recycling Locators: Locate LDPE, HDPE, or Mattress Bag specialized recycling programs near you using RecycleNation & Earth911 (US) or RecycleNow (UK). Search based on the RIC symbol/s and the item name.

Ways To Reduce Mattress Bag Waste

Showing an example of how to upcycle and repurpose plastic mattress bags, using them as furniture cover

To prevent plastic mattress bags from going into landfills, you can always upcycle or repurpose them. Since they are usually very rigid, spacious, and waterproof, you can utilize them as:

  1.  Storage space for other textile items.
  2. Covers for furniture during storms to prevent water damage.
  3. Protection cover for kitchen surfaces.
  4. Protection padding when moving out or renovating.